Valerie Grivas sings and plays guitar and baglama.

She also researches and digs up old Greek pop songs, gets them dancer-approved, and goes looking for translations and background information about the composer and each song.

Ray Symcyck plays mandolin and bousoki.

Ray is cool - he plays a dozen instruments, all very well. You'll see him with the Greek bouzouki, Irish bouzouki, guitar, mandolin, octave mandolin, accordion, doumbek and cajon


Sam Houtkin plays accordian.
Sam is the newest member of the band.

Joe Cooper plays bass.

He's been playing the bass guitar in San Antonio since his teens. He's played with many musicians including Augie Meyers, Texas Red Hots, Frank Rodarte, The Models, Bobby Flores and Four On The Floor.

Lyle Cooper plays drums.

Plays local venues such as White Rabbit and Sanctuary.