What’s Your Mother Been Telling You About Me? (Skarvelis)

What’s your mother been telling you about me
And you’re always looking at me with tears in your eyes?
She wants you to talk to someone else
And forget about me
And forget about me

She won’t do as she pleases with me
Tell her that if she doesn’t repent she’s going to die.
I’ll make her sigh
And ache and cry and scream
She’ll ache and cry and sigh.

Mark my words nothing will save her from me
She’ll pay for all the damage
Don’t worry, she won’t get over it
And you’ll always be in my arms
You’ll always be in my arms.

Ti Sou Leei e Mana Sou Yia Mena? (Skarvelis)

Ti sou leei e mana sou yia mena
Ki olo me kitas me matia dakrismena
Theli m’allone na koiventazis
Ke emena pia na me ksehasis
Ke emena theli pia na me ksehasis.

‘Ennoia sou ke the tha mou glitosi
Ola ta spasmena afti tha ta plirosi
Tha tin kano ego n’anastenazi
Na poni na klaie ken a fonazi
Na poni na klaie ke n’anastenazi.

‘O, ti theli afti the tha mou kani
An the metaniosi pes tin tha pethani
The tha tis perasi mi fovasi
Panta mes tin agkalia mou tha ‘sai
Panta mes tin agkalia mou si tha na ‘sai.